Lee Chancey, President and CEO, founded Chancey Metal Products, Inc. in 1986. The primary focus at Chancey Metals is the fabrication of stairs, railings, fencing and structural steel  for multi-family construction. To date we have completed over 1000 projects and partnered with over 50 different construction and development companies to supply superior steel products.

Chancey Metal Products has grown to be the leader in fabrication and installation of metal stairway and railing systems for 30 plus years, servicing the entire south east and proudly employing over 60 employees.

Our products include but are not limited to:

  • Steel stairways
  • Stair/step rails
  • Spiral stairs
  • Balcony rails
  • Structural Steel
  • Site and pool fence
  • Dumpster gates
  • Pipe bollards

Our company also serves as a general contractor for metal stair system renovation projects.